Smart Glass and the Weather
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Smart Glass and Double Glazing

Smart glass is becoming very popular both here in the United States but in England as well. It was in London that scientist have found a material for coating glass (film) that makes the glass reflect the heat in the summer and absorb it in the winter. The creation of this new film can create a whole new window dynamic. You can start saving money on your energy bills again.

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The film that is being used on windows is called vanadium dioxide and what happens with this type of film is that it changes as much as the weather does. On the colder days, especially in England, the coating lets the light in and on hot days keeps it out. The film works as a filter that lets the window do what it is supposed to do.

In the summertime, because of the reflective ness of heat from the window in summer months, it can also cool the house proficiently and thereby cutting down the cost pf air conditioning, the heat will be reflected away in the summer months.

The opposite happens in the winter months, the cold air is absorbed in the winter and prevents the cold air from passing through the window and thus saving the homeowner a lot of money in heating bills. While the interest in the product is widely receptive, there are people who are hesitant to spend the money until the windows really get out of hand.

But by then not only are you spending money on the new windows anyway but also now you have just wasted money on the energy bills because you wanted to wait until the existing windows are useless. Do yourself a favor on this one, spend the money now before you spend double plus you will be doing your part to save the environment.

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