Switchable Glass
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Switchable Glass and Energy Efficient windows, Doors, Conservatories

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Switchable glass is also known as smart glass, this type of glass glazing lets you switch off between the transparency and translucence with the use of a button. The cost on these windows are very expensive right now and not really available to the public. Scientist are working on ways to bring the cost down so that the public can enjoy the benefits of these energy efficient windows.

The beauty of switchable glass allows you to control what type of lighting you want for your home. Both ways are energy saving, as scientists are also trying to improve in that area as well. The special type of glass that is used is called chromogenic glaze. This type of material allows you to select the amount of light radiation that you let in your home.

Going hand and hand with chromogenics is Electrochromics. This technology is best suited to work in conjunction with chromgenics. What the elecrochromics use materials that have a reaction to electric volts. As voltage is put upon to liquid type crystals, such as quartz and other different material that has been put on the glazing, the materials react by losing the ability to be visible and become almost invisible.

Switching the controls between two light sources can bring the materials back to their original properties and can create a tint or frost that can shade the light that goes through the window.

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