Window Efficiency with IGU
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Window Efficiency with IGU

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There are many differences in the old style windows and the new energy efficient windows. Changes and modifications have been made to the old style window and thereby creating a window that will not only save you energy but at the end of the day will save you money too.

There have been some additions to the window that make it more efficient in saving energy, they are a new type of glass coating, new gas fillers, warm edge spacers and changes in the window framing material.

Glass coatings have very tiny thin coating that is applied to the glass in the case of the energy efficient window the coating is a low emittance coating, the design of this type of coating is to keep the heat inside in the winter and to cool the house in the summertime. There are different coatings for depending on what type of climate that you live in all year round.

Insulated glazing units or IGU is a piece of glazing that is placed between two or more lites of glazing that is separated by a spacer that is used to seal the windows from weather. By using this method it reduces the cold air that may have otherwise got in through a standard window. In the summer it will keep out the heat.

Gas fillers have been added to conserving energy in your windows, some windows use Argon or Krypton gases and sometimes other types of gases are used in between the panes of the glass. Not to worry these gases are harmless and odorless they do however provide a better insulation than standard windows.

Warm edge spacers, spacer’s keeps the window’s coating layers at the correct length apart from the other. In standard windows the spacers were made of the metal aluminum, which most scientific people will tell you that aluminum can lose heat not conserve it, you see this when there is condensation on the windows. The warm edge spacers of the energy efficient window are made of steel, foam, vinyl or even fiberglass. By using these materials it will eliminate the condensation.

Lastly, there is a new and modifies weather stripping that is used on the windows. It has been made stronger and a type of plastic to help keep the heat in. Energy efficient wood is also used to help conserve energy.

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